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Welcome to Squilax @ BC Virtual Tour

  With a general store and waterfront hostel, the town of Squilax, British Columbia is a quiet and relaxing place to travel. Squilax is on Shuswap Lake and many vacationers come for the water activities such as rafting and canoeing. Shuswap Lake is a series of vast freshwater arms of the lake and rivers that feed and drain it. At the Adams River by Squilax, the annual salmon run and natural salmon spawning is a bright spectacle to enjoy. read more... link to us.

  Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, is the location protecting the Adams River salmon spawning streams.

  Shuswap Lake Provincial Parks has roughly a kilometre of beachfront giving campers space to enjoy the beautiful lakefront. Nature trails and wildlife are all around in Squilax and the Shuswap where park interpreters offer Shuswap vacationers a chance to understand BC's natural surroundings and wildlife.

  Houseboating on the lake is for those who want to be away from cities, and enjoy a peaceful water environment under open skies. Houseboats commonly sleep up to a dozen people. Anchoring in the shallow water or on one of hundreds of a Shuswap Lake beaches gives houseboaters the opportunity to have a varied and pleasant vacation in the Shuswap.

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