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Columbia-Shuswap Demographics and Statistics         
Shuswap Region Demographics and Statistics @ BC Virtual Tour

  Statistics and Demographics for the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District:
The 2006 Census counted over 50,000 permanent residents in the Columbia-Shuswap for the first time. Estimates for current population in 2009 are close to 55,000 residents. This means that the Shuswap Region, which is growing at approximately +2.7% per annum, is growing faster than the BC average. read more... link to us.

  Age Distribution in the Shuswap indicates the Region has a lower percentage of people under age 45, and a higher than average distribution compared to Provincial statistics in age categories 45 to 64 years of age and also 65 plus. This indicates the Shuswap is populated by a higher percent of retirees, and people preparing for retirement than British Columbia in general. This correlates with the total labour force numbers increasing across BC by 8.1 percent and the Shuswap's labour force increasing only 5.7%. Interestingly, while British Columbia's self-employed population grew 7.4% between 2001 and 2006, the Shuswap's self-employment numbers grew by more than 11 percent.

  Industry driving the Shuswap economy saw its largest increases in Shuswap real estate, education, arts and entertainment, construction, and management of companies as well as science and technical vocations from 2001 to 2006. The bold economy of the Province and Canada in general effected much of the gains in real estate. For 2009, housing starts and therefore construction and related trade jobs have declined. The general trend for much of the decade is a steady decline in forestry, wood products and paper manufacturing for the Shuswap Region. Both Shuswap tourism and travel and mining and mineral products jobs have increased significantly over the last decade.

  Shuswap Home ownership is outpacing the Province with a 13.9 percent increase between census polls, while the Province's home ownership totals increased by 12.5 percent. The Columbia-Shuswap Region experienced a 17% decrease in homes rented during the same period.

  New Residential Construction with a value of more than $129 million began in the Columbia-Shuswap in 2008. Commercial construction including accommodations brought the total Shuswap new construction values for 2008 to 166 million dollars. Valuations in construction for 2009 are expected to be lower.

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